Beginner's guide to travelling around australia in a campervan/car

The best way to see Australia is on a roadtrip. If you’re planning a trip and are thinking about renting or buying your own vehicle then read on. We’ve put together a full guide on do’s and don’ts, top tips and expert recommendations for travelling around Australia by road.

Beginners Guide to Travelling Around Australia in a Campervan

Here’s what you can find in the beginner's guide:

  1. How to choose the right campervan or car for you
  2. To buy or rent? That’s the question…
  3. Top tips for selling your vehicle at the end of your trip
  4. 5 best places to visit in Australia in a campervan
  5. Survival Tips for Living in a campervan
  6. Australian Driving tips: Rules of the road
  7. Show your vehicle some love

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