guide to BUDGET camping in australia

There are plenty of roadtrip styles, some travellers prefer to take it slow and stop as often as they can, while others move quickly between towns and cities to take in as many sights as possible. Some backpackers prefer to take the road less travelled, while others prefer to hit up the backpacker hotspots.

But there’s one thing most backpackers and travellers have in common, and that’s the goal of keeping the trip affordable and a set budget they are trying to stick to.

If you want to know everything about road trippin’ around Australia on a budget, then download our Guide!

Download Guide to Budget Camping in Australia

Here’s what you can find in the ultimate budget camping guide:

  1. What to bring when camping with kids
  2. How to set a budget
  3. Keeping costs down while driving
  4. Where to stay
  5. Budget camping meals
  6. Things to do that won’t break the bank

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